What is a Background Actor?

Background Actor’s are the people who make Film, TV, and Commercial projects come to life! They are the people walking down the street, the crowd in a chase scene, or the patrons in a restaurant. Background Actors complete the project by bringing life to the scene behind the actor.

Why JUST Background Actors?

Background Actors are the unsung heroes of the Motion Picture Industry. Imagine, your favorite film or tv series without them! As Background Actors you have unique needs and unique questions. We are not focused on working with our Principal Actors or Star Models. We are here to serve you! We want to assure that you have a GREAT experience and FUN on set!

What are you looking for?

NO Experience Needed! We are looking for All Types and All Ages. Background Actors need to represent the people you see everyday in normal life. We are looking for people just like you!

What will this cost me?

Getting started is FREE! We make $$ when we book you in jobs! To help with marketing materials and get you ready for set, we do offer non-mandatory Background Bootcamps.

I really want to be an Actor or Model! Where do I start?

Background Acting is a GREAT place to start building your resume!

If you already have a resume as an Actor or Model, and are looking for the starring roles we recommend MAM a NW Acting and Modeling Agency

I am currently signed up with (Insert our Awesome Colleague’s Agency Here). Can I sign up with you too?

You already have an agent that’s great! Local area agencies work hard to promote their talent. There is no need for more than one extra agent representing you in a region. Trust your agent!